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Heidi Pollyea, an Atlanta based singer/songwriter, performs on piano, guitar and of late “a li’l banjo”. Heidi takes her varied musical styles and combines them with lyrics that range from poignant and personal, to frankly funny. In any case, she always finds a way to connect with her audience.

Heidi’s music has been infused with the flavors of her varied experiences. Her folk, rock and blues roots come straight from her hometown of Chicago, Illinois, her jazz styling’s from her music education at Indiana University, her Gospel and Pop inflections from church and industry gigs throughout Los Angeles, her Latin flare from graduate life in Miami and her Americana grounding courtesy of the jams and festivals she’s regularly a part of in Atlanta and around the Southeast.

Currently, Heidi is regularly featured at several of Atlanta’s favorite local venues including Steve’s Live Music, Eddies Attic, The Red Clay Theatre, The Velvet Note and the Red Light Café.

Beginning in 2014, Heidi’s musical arena expanded further as she toured parts of Europe and the U.K. She looks forward to going back again during September of 2015 to explore more of life and music around the world.


“Heidi’s music creates an intimacy with her audience. She can move you with her powerful vocals, or bring a smile to your face with her witty lyrics. One always leaves a show feeling that one has been invited into Heidi’s living room, and has become a close friend.” – Steve Grossman, Steve’s Live Music

“Really nice time with Heidi Pollyea and her music partner Jedd Dotson last evening. It was a good crowd and a set of intriguing, entertaining music. Heidi always delivers something new. Hers is a “technically cover all bases” musicianship—no slacking here people. A journeyperson, and that’s not a compliment given often from this source. Heidi and Jedd’s (by no means a slouch guitarist, really nice licks) mix was thoughtful, together, melodic and yes…”a sort of subdued, and somehow friendly cool.” And I mean cool in the sense of “bein’ cool” and that is about a hard a thing to do on stage as there is in these cynical times, at least for me. Some people have taken their licks and still come off like a poser. With Heidi, you see the real person, no apologies. Finally, however, (and as gypsy wild as Heidi is) what comes out is her big big heart. Get an album for your collection.” – Rob Lanford, 5@5 Concert Series

“Sassy, Soulful and Sensuous, Heidi Pollyea’s soulful lyricism and emotional expressiveness are under-girded by tensile precision and technique. Whether she is belting the blues or toying with a blithe and mellow folk-pop number, she never misses a beat. She brings coruscating truthfulness to her songwriting, leavened with playful humor — “Touch it,” in particular, is a masterpiece of mischief.” – Candice Dyer, Featured Writer/Music Critic for Atlanta Magazine, and Author of Street Singers, Soul Shakers, and Rebels with a Cause: Music from Macon




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